【EC-CUBE4.x】PayPal payment plugin not work when you manage by NOT JPY currency.

I introduced PayPal payment plugin(1.0.4) to the website which manages by NOT JPY currency.
And I pushed PayPal payment button but it didn’t work.

If you were in the same situation, you would check the cause.

First of all, you add “paypal.debug: false” to the parameter sections of the following file.


And you replicate the bug again.
As a result, the detail of the error is showed to the log files of under var/log.

Please check the following errors in the log files.

message: 'CreateOrderRequest has been failed'
'{"name":"UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY","details":[{"issue":"MULTI_CURRENCY_ORDER","description":"Multiple differing values of currency_code are not supported. Entire Order request must have the same currency_code."}]

After PayPal payment button is pushed, order datas is sended to PayPal server.
But you can find that this time has failed due to using multiple differing values of currency_code are not supported.

PayPal payment plugin is presupposed to using JPY. So when currency code on EC-CUBE changes another one, causes the above error and fails payments.

To deal this problem, you can correct the following file.

PayPalCheckout/Service/PayPalService.php (about 478-507 rows)

The point is to change currency_code from JPY to AUD (your site’s currency code).
If your site’s currency code deal demical point, you have to remove “roundedCurrencyFormat()” method.

By doing this, currency_code on order data is unified and be able to redirect to PayPal payment page.


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