Category Expansion with Q&A documentation

“Category Expansion with Q&A” is an app that provides Q&A style content.
You can ask customers who visit your store a few questions and display collection products that match their answers.

How to use



In the Settings tab, you can configure the following

  • The block name
  • The number of questions you want answered
  • The first Question

The “block name” will be the heading for displaying Q&A style content.
If not entered, the block name will not be displayed.

“The number of questions you want answered” sets the number of questions you want to ask your customers before displaying collection products.

Collection products are displayed by answering the number of questions set in this form.
You can set up to 5 questions.

The “first question” is the first thing you ask your visitors when they visit your store.

Register questions and answers


After configuring in settings tab, you can register questions and answers that follow the first question.
You can configure the settings from the Management tab.

In this section, you can register the following

  • Answers
  • Questions when clicking on answers
  • Images of answers
  • Destination collection

Questions and answers are managed as a hierarchy.
The first step is to enter the expected answer to the first question you registered in the Settings tab.

For example, if you are running a shoe store and you have a first question like “What kind of shoes are you looking for?, you can register “function-oriented shoes” or “design-oriented shoes” as expected answers.

You can also enter the questions you want to ask in the “Questions when clicking on answers” section.
If the answer is “function-oriented shoes” then the question would be “What features are important to you?” etc.

Note that if no further questions are needed, this form will not be displayed.

To make it easier to visualize your answers, you can also register images.
Images are more effective than text because they contain more information and can quickly convey content.

In addition, you can register a destination collection in the last question.
Set up a recommended collection for your customers who answered to the end.

Settings of block

In the Theme Editor, a block named “Q&A Contents” has been registered.
Please set its block to any location on the top page.

By completing this setup, the Q&A style content will be available to your customers.

Q&A Contents

If the number of registered answers is more than three (or more than two on smartphones), the results will be displayed in multiple lines.

Note that if the number of registered answers to a single question is more than three (or more than two on smartphones), it will be displayed in multiple lines.

In the end

Questions and bug reports are welcome.
If you have any questions, please contact me.

I have over 15 years of experience as a system engineer for e-commerce system.
For more than 8 years, I have been helping many customers with their e-commerce business as a freelancer.

Experienced engineer are ready to help you.
Please feel free to contact us.


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