[Shopify App] Kumahiyo SEO

  • Start your shop but you could’t get your customers. No budget for advertisement too.
  • You could get your customers but most of your revenue occupy advertising costs.

Is there any shops to have these problems?

In order to get your customers while keep advertising costs down, you need to position your shop to the top on the search engine like Google.

One of the way that you do that is SEO. But…

  • I don’t know about SEO well.
  • If request SEO measures to engineer, I can’t predict for effectiveness relative to cost.
  • The budget is limited so I want to introduce to my shop as cheap as possible.

You may face these problems.

So you can introduce to your shop without the knowledge of SEO and you need the way that cost down.

This app could solve this problems.
Let this app help your shop’s access up from search engine?
It’s easy to introduce and settings this app.

Shopify has some SEO functions in advance.
In addition to that, this app provides the following SEO functions.

  • h1 tag setting
  • meta keyword tag setting
  • meta robots tag setting

Additionally, Shopify’s title tag and description tag also will be optimized.

This app was created by an author who has been developing e-commerce systems for over 15 years as a system engineer.
I hope this app will be useful to your businesses.

For more details, please see the following link or the document in this app.


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